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My name is Jolie Davis and I have been collecting Breyer Model Horses for about 25 years.  Luckily my husband Paul has shared my passion and created this web site and also built shelves in our bedroom to display them.  Click here for my entire collection on display on our shelves  Display of Collection

I admit that the sentimental value of my collection far outweighs any monetary value, which of course makes it priceless to me.

On this page I would like to share with you some of my favorite and special models, along with explanations of why they are so dear to me.

You can click the small image to see a larger image.  Click your browser's back button to return to this page from the page that appears with the larger photo.

907 Family Stallion Woodgrain.  Made between 1963 and 1967.  This Breyer is special to me because I always wanted a woodgrain Breyer and Paul found him for me on Ebay and gave it to me as a birthday present in 2007.
1279 Nokota Horse.  This Breyer was bought for me by my husband as an early birthday present at the 2007 Minnesota Horse Expo.  We were there with my Mother in Law, Berit and had a great time.  We were able to see these horses at the parade of breeds show.
This Breyer is special to me because it was given to me as a going away present from our foreign exchange student, Thomas.

These two are special to me because I got them from my good friend Michele and the Appoloosa Mare & Foal are my only Stablemates.
662_ArabianStallion.jpg (22792 bytes)
662 Arabian Stallion
This model is special to me because I received him from my good friend Elizabeth.
482_henry.jpg (12917 bytes)
482 Henry
Henry is a special model to me both because of his uniqueness and because it is the first Breyer horse my husband bought me.
939_1.jpg (13876 bytes)
939 Cinnamon
Cinnamon bares the same name as my Arabian / Quarter Horse cross and is a limited edition given to me by my sister Janelle.
375_brighty.jpg (5778 bytes)
375 Brighty
Brighty I feel is one of the cutest models.  Given to me by my parents Lloyd and Ramona.
87_mustang.jpg (14676 bytes)
87 Mustang
I like the majestic look of this horse plus it is the first horse I saved up for and bought.
205_oldtimer.jpg (14712 bytes)
205 Old Timer
I always get a picture of gentleness and loyalty when I look at this horse.
9_proud.jpg (8207 bytes)
9 Proud Arabian Foal
14_proud.jpg (13995 bytes)
14 Proud Arabian Mare
When my grandma and grandpa passed away all of us grandchildren were asked what we wanted.  I of course had always been fond of the two Breyer horses my mom had given grandma.  I loved them and played with them constantly while visiting.  It was the only thing I asked for, and did so purely out of sentimental value.  The Arabian mare's two front legs were missing and had been for years.  I had her and her foal with my collection, she was propped up with cardboard.  It was much to my surprise when my dad came home and told me he had found one of her legs in my grandparents garage.  I was so happy, perhaps she would finally stand.  Dad continued to maintain my grandparents house prior to the sale, and I was in total shock the day he came home with the second leg.  After months of mowing, he had found it out in the yard, sun bleached and all.  My entire family was stunned and she has stood proudly with my collection ever since.  I consider her my special gift from grandpa, and proof of a small but very heartfelt miracle.

If you look close at the mare's larger photo when you click the small image, you can easily see where she was glued back together. You can even see her right "glued piece" is whiter from being bleached in the sun for years.

972_proud.jpg (18130 bytes)
972 Freedom
My husband found and bought Freedom for me in historic Richmond, VA while we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary.  I have #8,491 of 10,000
S1991_saddlebred.jpg (29608 bytes)
S1991 Raven
I had planned on buying Raven but when the clinic where I work was being sold I decided not to (I am a Certified Veterinary Technician).  Kim, the groomer where I work, insisted I buy it or she would.  Everything worked out with the sale and I've been glad to have him as part of my collection.
S1991_sham.jpg (35415 bytes)
S1991 Galaxias
Not only is my Galaxias the only porcelain model I have, it was given to me as a birthday gift from my entire family.
23_shetland.jpg (11263 bytes)
23 Shetland Pony
This Shetland Pony was given to me by my sister Kelly and brother-in -law Bud.  Although they and my Godchild Mindy have given me several horses, I was aware how scarce money was for them that Christmas.
895_stockR.jpg (12680 bytes)
895 Bright Socks
Bright Socks was displayed at my cards and gifts table at my wedding.  My mom decorated the entire hall herself and "Socks" still bears the ribbons she tied around him in teal to match my wedding colors.  He is a constant reminder of that day and was a welcome sight at my wedding.
20_misty.jpg (10312 bytes)
20 Misty
I had always wanted to go to Chincoteague Island where Misty was from and finally got to with my husband Paul and stayed with aunt Marian.
952_touch.jpg (16321 bytes)
952 Rox Dene
I purchased this model through a gift certificate given to me by friends at work.
932_bucking.jpg (11894 bytes)
932 Dakota
Dakota is a unique mold.  My brother Kevin and sister-in-law Laurie said they wanted to give me a horse that they could pick out from the rest of my collection.  So I got Dakota from them.
718_traveller.jpg (16670 bytes)
718 Traveller
755_cincinnati.jpg (14576 bytes)
755 Cincinnati
Horses in American History.
Both of these horses were gifts from my husband and reflect both of our interest in the Civil War.

3297_cutting.jpg (18232 bytes)
3297 Cutting Horse

Western Performance Series
All are gifts from my husband and so unique.
477_scamper.jpg (16935 bytes)
477 Scamper
3354_wahooking1.jpg (19690 bytes)
3354 Wahoo King
This was also from my husband and my sister Kim.
special_delivery_1.jpg (21554 bytes)
Special Delivery
Special Delivery 1999.  A special Christmas present from my husband.
571_1.jpg (38600 bytes)
571 Mantle Clock
Breyer Mantle Piece Clock with Saddlebred Stallion.  I was very surprised to find out my husband wanted to get me this for my birthday, and waited "patiently" while it was on backorder.
735_1.jpg (35245 bytes)
735 Paso Fino
Paso Fino I received from Nikki, a friend from work.
971_iron.jpg (6875 bytes)
971 Iron Metal Chief
Iron Metal Chief.  One year mom and dad drew names with us kids for Christmas, so I got this horse from dad.